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About "The Gathering Shot"

I try to take a photograph to all those things that have something unusual, special or just different. But this is what I try, but it’s not alwayƒs achieved, of course. The tittle of my photos is very important for me because if there is an unsual title for my shot that means that the photo itself could have something special too.

After being in Flickr for almost 2 years, I decided to create this site in order to show you my best work. This photoblog does not replace my work in Flickr, but they complement each other. If you want, you can follow my work also in Flickr by visiting my gallery here.

I intended to create a simple and minimalism site. During its design I tried to avoid overloading, that is why you may not find special FX. As I already said, I try to show you my work in a clean and smart way. Just images, hardly words.

During the almost first year of live of this photoblog the option to put comments was enabled. Finally I decided to remove for different reasons.

I did not want to call this photoblog with my name, so I decided to name it “The Gathering Shot”. I just like it.

Photos on this site have all right reserved and can not be used without my authorization.

I'm from Spain and I work in the videogame industry. Nowadays, photography is increasingly taking up more time of my spare time. Although is just my hobby, I try to do my best. If you want to know more about me, you can read more in my website www.frodrig.com.

This photoblog was created in January 07, 2010.

Commercial use

If you want to use my photos for a commercial purpose, please contact me.


Fernando Rodríguez (frodrig76@gmail.com)

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