Hi! My name is Fernando and I'm work as a software developer.

My career is linked to video games and interactive products development. I've worked as programmer and lead programmer in desktop, web and mobile platforms. At this moment I'm working in the video game industry.

My skills are very tied to C/C++ and software architecture but I've also worked developing and designing native iOS applications using Objective-C.

I've had business experience related to e-commerce; in 2011 I co-founded a company called Wemories to provide an online service to save digital memories and give them away for special occasions through a beautiful and exclusive box.

I’m into photography, some of my pictures have been sold to clients like Canon or are being distributed through Getty Images. I've just autoedited with 100 copies my first photobook called "Hidden Reality". You can see a video of the book below.

I'm open to new opportunities but only working remotelly.